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Accessible Bus
Sliding Doors (August Hackathon)

wheelchair ramp extended from bus





Alkaline Battery
Charge-It-Up (August Hackathon)
IIDEX Battery 1 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Battery 2 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Battery 3 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)

Two Alkaline Batteries




Caulking Gun
IIDEX Caulking Gun 1 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Caulking Gun 2 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Caulking Gun 3 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)Woman using a caulking gun to set windows




CN Tower
IIDEX CN Tower 1 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX CN Tower 2 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)CN Tower during the evening from across the lake




Collerette Ladder (for firefighting)
IIDEX Collerette 1 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Collerette 2 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Collerette 3 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Collerette 4 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)men at different levels of the ladder next to building





Egg Carton
Humpty Dumpty (August Hackathon)a carton holding 10 eggs





Electric Wheelchair
Sliding Doors (August Hackathon)
IIDEX Electric Wheelchair 1 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Electric Wheelchair 2 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Electric Wheelchair 3 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Electric Wheelchair 4 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)robotic arm attached to wheelchair




Ginger Ale
IIDEX Ginger Ale 1 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Ginger Ale 2 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Ginger Ale 3 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)Bottles of Ginger Ale





Goalie Mask
IIDEX Goalie Mask (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)Goalie Helmet





IIDEX Insulin (IIDEX Design Hackathon)Bottle, suringe and needle for insulin





Jolly Jumper
IIDEX Jolly Jumper (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)




Paint Roller
Quick Tack (August Hackathon)
IIDEX Paint Roller 4 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Paint Roller 5 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)
IIDEX Paint Roller 6 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)Yellow Paint roller





IIDEX Snowmobile (IIDEX Design Hackathon)Snowmobile on the snow




Frida the Superwoman (August Hackathon)
IIDEX Superman 2 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)Superman logo





Weevac 6
IIDEX Weevac 6 (IIDEX Mini-Hackathon)





Wonder Bra
Wonder-Bruh! (August Hackathon)original design of the Wonderbra






Unsolved Challenges

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  • Butter Tarts
  • Canoe
  • Easy-Off Oven Cleaner
  • Five Pin Bowling
  • Garbage Bag
  • Ice Hockey
  • Insulin
  • Lacrsosse
  • Milk Bag
  • Nanaimo bars
  • Pager
  • Prosthetic hand
  • Robertson screw
  • Table Hockey
  • Toboggan
  • UN Peacekeeping Troops
  • Uno Dicycle
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Worldwide Standard Time
  • Zipper