November Hackathon

This is a collection of all the solutions from our two day hackathon with Big IDea at the Red Lab (49 McCaul St).


    • My Bail

      Members: Joanna, Matt, Parinaz
      Canadian Invention: Canadian Court / Bail System
      Hacking: To centralize all information to make it more accessible for individuals to access their information relating to their bail and hearing dates.



    • Beginners’ Blockchain

      Members: David, Edward, Koni
      Canadian Invention: Blockchain
      Hacking: Developing an easy to understand and step by step guide on blockchain.



    • Canadian Board Games

      Members: Franco, Pierre, Diana, Marwin
      Canadian Invention: Canadian Board Games
      Hacking: Developing a guide to make all board games released in Canada to be accessible.



    • Insulin

      Members: Vera, Mike
      Canadian Invention: Insulin Syringe
      Hacking: Making it more visible for individuals to see how much they are intaking as well as how much insulin is located in the syringe.



    • Snowmobiles

      Members: E. & E.
      Canadian Invention: Snowmobile
      Hacking: Redesign the snowmobile to make it more accessible and user friendly to all individuals.



  • Tobaggan

    Members: E.
    Canadian Invention: Tobaggan
    Hacking: Redesign the toboggan to make it more inclusive for individuals with limited movement.