IIDEX CN Tower 2

Developer: Gregory Fernandez
Canadian Innovation: CN Tower

Challenge: To assist individuals who may be forgetful and require assistance when being guided through certain areas of the CN tower to make the experience more enjoyable.
Solution: By giving the individual a wristband that is designed to guide people through the space through steps (for example) 1-9. The wristband will notify the users the particular upcoming step in the tour, and a light will corresponding with the next step the users must take.

Example of the steps in which the users may take such as: step 1 to queue, step 2 get to security, step 3 obtain ticket, step 4 go into elevator, step 5 reach the observatory level, step 6 view the glass floor, step 7 go the elevator and head down to ground level, step 8 look around the commercial area, step 9 exit the building and return wristband
Made for a persona by the name of Lisa who is 18 years old.  She is often forgetful which will lead to her being unable to concentrate or become unable to focus easily. wristband will guide her to move through steps 1-9.