IIDEX Battery 3

Developer: Anonymous
Canadian Innovation: Alkaline Battery

Challenge: To develop a solution for the batteries to be more easily accessible, specifically taking it out of device. This resolution is specifically targeted towards an 18 year old female undergraduate student who has difficulty exerting strength in her arms for small objects.
Solution: Redesigning the alkaline battery so that it has a rough surface and square edges for easier grabbing experience. Attaching a ring tab for ease of removal from electronics.

The newly redesigned batteries have edges, a rectangular form that makes it easier for the individual to grab. As well there is a tab on the front for one to hold and pull it out with a spring in tab rising when the backing of the device is removed to make the process easier.
Battery is designed for an 18 year old student who has a mobility disorder, for example she is unable to sit up by themselves.
Includes a rough surface in order to make it easier for users to locate battery and other removable parts.
Sketch of battery with ring located on the front and battery located on the back