Inclusive Hacks Gallery

QuickTack prototype for paint rollers

Is that a bird? A plane? No! This is a collection of inclusive hacks submited by people like you and developed at our Inclusive Design Hackathons. Tell us about your inclusive hack on our facebook page or twitter feed so that we can share it!

  • Charge-It-Up

    Members: Andy Bodin, Daniel Ura, Mohsen Mahjoobnia, William Lau
    Canadian Invention: Alkaline Battery
    Hacking: Creating an assistive device in order to make it easier to remove batteries from other devices.


  • QuickTack

    Members: Chad Mohammed, Laura Johnson, Mohsen Mahjoobnia, Steven Shi
    Canadian Invention: Paint Roller
    Hacking: Recreating the handle in order to make it easier to attach and detach the paint roller itself.